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By way of introduction, my name is Di’Nedra Clark-Brown.  I am currently a sixteen-year veteran for the East Orange Scool District.  I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching the Handicapped and presently teach eleventh and twelfth graders Language Arts in a Self-Contained, teacher-friendly environment.  I also, hold a Supervisory Certification, Master’s Degrees in Curriculum & Instruction and in Teaching Adult Learners.   On my independent time, I am a private tutor, as well as, a Home Instruction Teacher.   As one can easily see, my whole life revolves around education.  I was brought up knowing that education is the key to success.  Education opens doors and the lack thereof closes them; this is why I am so passionate about educating our children.  I believe that no matter what a child’s socio economic status, educational background, or learning disability all students have the potential and the ability to learn, given the appropriate support.

                                             12th/11th GRADE LANGUAGE ARTS 


                                          INSTRUCTOR: MRS.CLARK-BROWN

                                             TEACHER ASSISTANT: MS. COBB

Location: Room B435

Extra Help Schedule: ( Per. 3 Prep;T,W,R 2:30 p.m.-3:00p.m.) (Via Appointment Only!)

Email Address:dinedra.clark@eastorange.k12.nj.us –This is my work email.


                                                 COURSE DESCRIPTIONS

 (12th Grade)
Students read an overview of British Literature from the Medieval Period to the Modern, integrating a study of history to better supply a context for an appreciation and understanding of the literature, with emphasis on a variety of prose and poetic genres.  Students write critical and argumentative essays, complete a research paper, engage in creative writing projects, and make technology-assisted oral presentations.  Students prepare for the ACT, SAT, and college entrance exams.

(11th Grade) 
During the semester, the course will cover five areas of Language Arts: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Speech, and Spelling and Vocabulary. The theme of the eleventh grade year is American Literature. The underlying questions for the year are: “What does it mean to be an American?” "What is the American Dream?"  "What literary and cultural aspects have shaped America since its inception as a nation?" Throughout the semester, much of our reading and writing will help you explore these themes.


The purpose of this course is to improve and add to your reading, speaking, listening, writing, reflective, discussion, and thinking skills in Language Arts.

Students will be graded on the following:
Students are expected to respect the teacher, their peers, and the classroom property. They are to be active and thoughtful participants in discussions and debates. Additionally, students will be expected to have read the assigned stories and novels and be able to discuss them.

Essays, in-class journals, daily assignments, quizzes/tests, and other work, as assigned.

   GRADE SCALE                                                      PERCENTAGE OF GRADE

  A         90-100%                                                             Test                              15%

  B          80-89%                                                               Quizzes                        10%

  C          70-79%                                                               Class Paricipations       20%      

  D         69-66%                                                                Projects/Reports         10%

  E          65-0%                                                                 Homework                  20%
                                                                                        Classwork                    25%
Note: An “A” is the highest grade that can be earned on report cards. “A+”s will show up as “A”s.

Students will be expected to follow the school rules as well as my classroom rules which I will hand out and review the first week. Your behavior in class will affect your grade through participation points. Disruptive behavior will cause you to lose points. Frequent absences may also cause you to lose points.
If you need to leave the room during class for any reason (to use the bathroom, get something from your locker, fill your water bottle, etc.), you must be given a pass. You may not leave while the teacher is talking to the class unless it is an absolute emergency. Use the bathroom during work time instead. Students are expected not to abuse these privileges. If the teacher notices a student frequently stays out of the room for a lengthy period of time, the student will be warned and subsequently disciplined.
If you are not in class and in your seat when the bell rings, you are tardy. If you come to class 10 minutes after class begins, you are absent. Only a written excuse from an administrator, teacher, or security will negate a tardy or absence. Excused absences or tardies cause no loss of credit. Unexcused absences or tardies can cause loss of credit. My expectation is that you will be in the room and in your seat before the bell rings. You should be ready to participate and work when class begins.

If you miss one or more days of class, you will be expected to make up the work you missed. You are responsible for obtaining any assignments, handouts, etc. that you may have missed. In order to find make-up work, do not start by asking the teacher. First, go to the file folder in the back of the room labeled make-up work and pull out the work for the day(s) you were absent. Next, ask one or more of your classmates what happened in class the day you were gone. Get any notes or reminders from your classmates. If you are unable to find the appropriate make-up work or have additional questions, then you may ask the teacher at lunch or before or after school. Do not ask while the teacher is in the middle of a lesson. If you miss a quiz or test, it is your responsibility to schedule a make-up with the teacher. For each day that you are absent you have one day to make up missed work.
Turning assignments in after the due date will negatively affect your grade. Unless you have an excused absence, in which case you will be given one day per day of absence to make up your work (see make-up work), you will lose one grade level for each day your assignment is late. (ex. If you turn in an assignment that would have earned a B+ two days late, you will earn a D+.)  Please keep this policy in mind and get your work in on time.
You should put a heading on all your assignments that includes: your full name (first and last), the date, your class period, and the title of the assignment. Upper corner, either side is OK. Assignments should be written neatly so I can read them. Essays and other formal assignments should be typed. All other assignments may be typed or written neatly in blue or black ink. Neatness will count; if I can’t read your writing you will not get credit for the assignment and will do it again.
Plagiarism, cheating, and misrepresentation are not acceptable. Plagiarism is using someone else’s ideas and/or writing as your own. It is also not using proper documentation or citation when using another person’s writing such as when doing an essay. Misrepresentation could cause you loss of credit on an assignment. Repeated plagiarism will be referred to the appropriate administrator.

A 3-ring notebook with dividers for class work, lined paper, USB, pens (blue or black), and a journal/notebook. These should be brought to class everyday in addition to any worksheets, books, or handouts.)



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